Our Services

Our firm’s services are focused on estate planning, business planning and general practice matters. We serve our clients one at a time and dedicate our energies to providing unique solutions that take into account their individual needs and desires. Since estate, business and tax planning are concerns for today, tomorrow and years down the road – our goal is to build relationships with our clients.

At Susan G. Parker, Esq., our personal services are tailored to your needs. We can help you manage your legal affairs as well as provide unique personal services to care for you or your family, including:

Financial monitoring and bill paying
Probate and estate administration
Coordination of relocations for senior/assisted living
Facilitate transition financial care for elderly clients in failing health
Preparation of income, trust and estate tax returns

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In today’s world of busy lives and advanced technology, the personal touch is often hard to come by. Remember when it was natural to find sales help in retail stores or have a phone answered by a live person? Clients choose the law firm of Susan G. Parker, Esq. PC when they want a high level of personal service from an experienced attorney, with expertise in taxes and a commitment to excellence.

Susan G. Parker has thirty years’ experience counseling families and businesses. Whether guidance is sought about estate planning, taxes or buying/selling a business, the law firm of Susan G. Parker, Esq. PC shepherds clients as plans are developed and problems resolved. At a time when personal service is rare, Susan G. Parker Esq. serves her clients with compassionate intelligence.

It’s important to plan ahead in regards to the administration of any business or estate. Please call Susan G. Parker esq. PC at (888) 305 – 2009 to start tailoring a plan to fit your needs.