Business Forms and Expertise

Need advice on how to form a new business venture or draft an agreement between you and a partner? If you’re forming a new business, call us to get started.  Draw upon our expertise so that you make decisions that make sense for you now and as your company grows.

Business Planning

When it comes to business start-ups, planning often starts with choosing the right entity for your needs. Contact us for help with:

Business Formation

We explain the variety of business forms (LLCs, S Corps, C Corps, partnerships, limited partnerships), and work through the pros and cons of each for your new venture.

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Business Agreements

We custom draft operating, buy-sell agreements and other agreements for business owners.

  • All businesses with more than one owner need an operating agreement to map out the rules of the road.
  • With more than one owner, you need an agreement to establish the trigger for a buy-out, as well as the funding mechanism and price.
  • You may want to understand what happens tax-wise if one owner gives time and the other invests capital.

Family Businesses

We specialize in providing integrated estate and business planning for closely-held family businesses. Whether you plan to transfer a business to your children or a partner’s children, there are many planning techniques to facilitate the transfer and preserve family wealth. Family limited partnerships and defective grantor trusts can be customized for your needs.

Record Keeping

For clients who are not good with paperwork, we can help you maintain and organize your records and file tax returns.

Want to know more?

Please call the law firm of Susan G. Parker, Esq. PC (914) 923-1600,  with any questions or concerns.

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