Do You Need a Trust Attorney?

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Estate planning is an important part of getting your affairs in order. During the estate planning process, you’ll need to decide if you want a will or trust. Look at some reasons why you might need a living trust. Then, you can hire a trust attorney to handle it for you.

Avoid Probate

Many people turn to an Armonk trust attorney to set up a living trust so they can avoid probate. If you have a will, it will have to go through probate, and that can take months or, in some cases, years. On the other hand, your assets can be distributed in weeks if you use a trust. Your trust attorney will set it up so the trustee pays your debts and distributes the assets in a timely fashion.

Save Money

Your trust attorney can also help you save money. Trusts might cost more than wills to set up, but your estate will likely save money in the long run by avoiding probate. Your Briarcliff trust attorney will go over your financial situation with you and explain if using a trust is the financially responsible decision for you. If it is, you can have your trust attorney start the paperwork.

Maintain Privacy

During the probate process, wills become public documents. That means the entire world can find out how many assets you had and who gets what. The same is not true with a living trust. Avoiding probate means the documents never become public record. If maintaining your privacy is important, your Somers trust attorney can help.

Get Important Help from Your Trustee

You never know what the future holds. If you become unable to manage your affairs due to illness or incapacitation, your trustee can step in. You won’t have to go to court to turn your affairs over to the trustee. That means you won’t have to worry about a court-appointed conservatorship. Your Katonah trust attorney will help you pick a trustee you can count on in case this happens.

Contact a Trust Attorney Today

Having an experienced trust attorney is the first step in creating the necessary documents. Susan G. Parker Esq., PC has been practicing law since 1996 and has helped countless men, women, and families with estate planning. Contact the law firm of Susan G. Parker Esq., PC at 901-923-1600 to begin the process.

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