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Year-End Tax Thoughts for New Yorkers

December 20, 2018 , , , ,

At the end of last year, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which took effect in 2018. Although it’s expected to “sunset” as of January 1, 2026 (in 8 years), you may need planning now.  $10,000 Cap on State, Local and Property Taxes For NewYorkers, the new $10,000 cap on deductions available on your federal tax return for state and local taxes, could be costly. Let’s say your wages are subject to $9,000 of state and city taxes, and your property taxes are $14,000. In the past you got a state tax deduction of $23,000 on your federal return. Under the new tax rules, that $23,000 deduction will be shaved to $10,000. What does ...

Fearful Lawyers

June 11, 2018 , , ,

Lawyers Have Fears Too I recently read an article in the American Bar Association Journal, titled: “32 of Lawyers’ Most Common Fears.” That number alone gave me pause. Did you know that the top fears include: Feeling their offices or cases are out of control Looking foolish when asking questions Seeming “too nice” Being blamed Speaking in public Lacking skill or confidence Intimidation by superiors and judges Suffering pain, humiliation, and shame if defeated Being attacked or outsmarted by their counterparts Isn’t this similar to things even non-lawyers fear? For lawyers, these fears may be worse -because ...