Why You Must Have a Will!

Time and again, I see clients feel great relief when they write a will. They have chosen the executor who will take charge of their estate, named a guardian to care for young children (if needed) and selected a trustee to manage a trust they create – to protect assets or avoid probate. Things feel settled. That difficult task is done. Phew. It’s not too late to give yourself this gift. Contact us today to have this off your “to-do” list by the holidays.


You absolutely need a will if you want to provide for your significant other, best friend or favorite aunt. Otherwise, they will only inherit if they are named as an account beneficiary. Without a will, your closest family members will inherit. People balk at going to a lawyer to tend to this because it brings up a time of life we don’t want to think. Yet, most clients experience relief when the planning –  that they have put off for years – is finally done. Write a will by year-end. It may be the most valuable gift you receive.


If you’ve let another year go by without writing a will, likely you don’t want to think about that time when it will be needed. Most people feel that. But without a will, you cannot dictate how certain assets will pass or who will take charge of the process. If you’re the parent of a minor child/children, the will is the only place you can name a guardian “just in case.” Clients feel at greater peace and ease when they go through this process – even if it’s hard to face. Don’t let another year go by. Give yourself an early Christmas gift.

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